Scott Ritter

"The anti-war movement is not doing it’s job. It is not winning. It is time we understand that we are at war. War is conflict. We are in a conflict right now, and it is a life and death struggle for the future of America…If we lose the struggle it means the Constitution becomes irrelevant, that the Constitution no longer serves as the foundation upon which our nation, not only was built, but is governed. If we deviate from the constitution we cease to function as America.

This life and death struggle for the future of America hinges on how we collectively address the issue of war, and right now the antiwar movement is not doing that. Maybe individually and in small groups we do it, but not collectively. We falter and fall apart. In America today the side that has the most numbers associated with it wins… and wins the vote. The antiwar movement today doesn’t have the numbers.

This is what you need to understand – you have to organize for victory. We’re talking about strategy…mastering the art of conflict. Learn about concepts of strategy – where do you want to go? What is your over arching objective? And then operational art – how do we get there? What are the 3 or 4 things that need to be done to get to our strategic objective. And then the tactics that make this work, linking strategy with tactics – not just in a singular event but over a course of time called a campaign.

The military professionals have been doing this for centuries and succeeding. The anti-war community needs to start doing this themselves or else they will lose and lose. What are the consequences of losing? The consequences of losing are stark – the end of America as we know it…

So the challenge is how do we organize, wage peace with all of the intensity and ferocity that people wage war. Except I am not talking about bringing about death and destruction but how America interfaces with the rest of the world. Right now that which defines who we are and what we are is basically a militaristic approach. Think about the ultimate statement of national hubris – 300 million people dictate to 6.8 billion people the terms of co-existence…The challenge to us is to walk away from the notion that we alone are right and figure out a multilateral approach – and that is the rule of law – the Constitution, and the UN Charter.

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